60 Years of Marriage

August 15, 2014 | Eudora, KS

Growing up in a smallish town you, hear about or meet most of the people in the community. Within the smaller church I grew up in, the church elders were the mentors, and guidance councilors on means of faith & love. Bob and Cherry have been in my church family since I was a tot. They both serve in their community with helping others, welcoming any/everybody, and along the way have spread their love. This past month they celebrated their 60th Anniversary, and I was asked to document this milestone.

They told a story of when they were first married, not long after, it was very hot inside of their home. Bob came in from the fields wanting dinner and Cherry said it was way too hot to cook anything. She wanted to go spend some of the wedding money and buy a fan. When they came into Eudora, Bob took Cherry to the store and decided to buy the fan saying “If buying this fan will shut you up”. When arriving back home they took that fan from room to room plugging and unplugging it trying to find a perfect place. Finally with laughter in the air they came up with the conclusion that as long as the fan works, they will stay married. 60 years have passed since they bought that fan and let me tell you it still works. It was built to last, and so was this couple with their marriage. Thanks again to Bob & Cherry for being a great couple! Here are some previews from their session with me! Enjoy~

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