{Allison + Justin}

March 20, 2015 | Linwood, KS

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“Meet me in the Meadow, you and me will run and hide, We can walk side by side. You and me, We’ve gotta’ be free. ‘Cause that’s the only way to be” – Paul Westerberg

I can’t be thankful enough for my wedding couples this year. They are fun, listen to directions well, and all have a high cuteness level. Allison & Justin of course exceed that level of cuteness. They were sweet, loving, and with the rambunctious side of Mr. Justin they both made this session beautiful indeed.

Allison and Justin have been crossing paths a lot over the past couple of years. Between mutual friends/family members, and both were apart of a bridal party they were being drawn together. When Justin proposed on New Years Eve ( high five Justin for picking that day) it took a moment for Allison to understand what was going on. Allison fell asleep at 9pm, so Justin set his alarm to wake her up minutes before the ball dropped. Still in a kind of slumber Allison was dragged off the couch 30 secs before the ball dropped as Justin got down on one knee and popped the question.

They decided for a sunset engagement session, which are by far my favorite. Between the gold light above, and the snugly hugs below it made for a wonderful sunset. Here are a few previews from their lovely session! Enjoy~

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