Announcement for November

September 14, 2015 | Linwood, KS

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AHHHH...It has been forever!!!!  I have been soooooo busy that I am finally starting to get caught up on galleries, emails, and even the ever growing pile of laundry. BUT in the next 2 weeks you will be seeing more blog posts, more galleries, more awesomeness from amazing clients/models. 

SO the Announcement! In the month of November I will be moving down to Wichita! My sister needs me to stay with her during this month, which means that my address is changing just for a short while. I will be back up in the KC area after that, but this means that I get the opportunity to shoot more in Wichita. 

Any sessions/weddings I already have scheduled in November in KC or other areas, of course I will still be there for your session. 

Oh and hey Wichita folk, if you want your pictures taken during this time I am offering $25 off on any day I am available for a session! Couples, families, seniors, pets, or what have you.....Let's do this Wichita! 

Feel free to email me at to schedule something out! 

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