Baylee the Mary Kay Consultant

June 11, 2014 | Linwood, KS

It has been a busy couple of days indeed. Lots of traveling, and lots of new adventures. I love starting the week off with portraits, it makes the rest of the week go smoother, the feeling of accomplishment. One of the lovely people I did get to catch up with this week was miss Baylee. Baylee and I use to be in photo class together back in high school. Crazy how long ago my first photography class was, but indeed photo journalism was the starting point for us.

Baylee still sticks to the creative arts in one way or another. Not only is she a photographer with her Baylee Rose Photography business, but she is a Senior Consultant with Mary Kay. It is just another art form, one that I enjoy greatly. Make-up lets you be creative and show your personality on the day! Or at least that is what I feel. Baylee came to my rescue this last week when I so happened to run out of my Mary Kay products. Baylee asked for me to shoot some head shots for her Mary Kay business, it was a great exchange of business. Here are a couple of shots from that session in the Meadow!

If you are interested in Mary Kay with products/services I recommend getting ahold of Baylee and you can find her on Facebook! Also she does great children/baby portraits! Something I have not mastered yet. Babies either love me, or hate me (60/40 probability). Know your strengths. Enjoy ~

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