Brenna 2015 Senior

September 13, 2014 | Eudora, KS

Another session from last weekend! This 2015 Eudora High School Senior did a rocking job, and I thoroughly enjoyed having her mom, aunt, & little sitter along for the ride. Her little sister even wanted to get in on the action for pictures. She asked me very nicely if I could get a picture of her and Brenna together. Of course I couldn’t say no to that face!

Miss Brenna along with her crew came out to the farm to start the pictures off. After a little bit of time we made it back into Eudora for pictures on the football and softball fields. Brenna was telling me that her favorite hobby was fishing, and that she can’t get enough of it. Which is pretty awesome in my book! Along with fishing Brenna is a Cheerleader for the Eudora High School Squad as well as on the softball team. She did an amazing job and again it was difficult choosing images for her previews. Here are a couple of my favorites from the session. Enjoy~

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