{ Henry + Laura } - Whitney Cathleen Photography

{ Henry + Laura }

June 19, 2014 | Lawrence, KS

Image a situation that began with a person, more specifically your significant other, and yourself riding along on a bike trail. Just another day and all of of sudden that person some how manages to get off course and crashes off the trail. Panic, from the blood gushing out you run to them and try to tend to there leg. How on earth would you handle that? Instead of screams of pain that person laughs, gets up but only on knee and asks you a very important question. A question that will not only change a part of your life but connect you two together for the entirety of your lives.

This is one of the intriguing an amazing proposal stories that I have ever heard! Henry so cleverly came up with this scheme, fake blood and all, and made a lasting memory for both him and Laura. Henry and Laura met while attending at Prescott College in Arizona. They both enjoy the bike riding, the outdoors, and they both play Rugby (they did a great job of explaining the rules of rugby to me). We met up on Saturday and they told me about their lives and the big news that they are both moving to Alaska in July for new job opportunities. I am glad to of met both of them and wish them the best of luck in their new adventure! Here are some of my favorite moments from their engagement session! Enjoy~

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