{Joe + Katelyn}

September 19, 2014 | Moran, KS

Last weekend I made a little drive down to Moran, KS to photograph Joe & Katelyn for their engagement session! It was turning into a beautiful day, and I knew it was going to be a great sunset. We started out on the family farm moving from place to place. With also 20 cats running in and out of my shot. At one point I had to stop to realize I had a photo bomber in the background. They even brought their horses out for part of the shoot, which was awesome to get to work with large animals in a portrait. They didn’t follow directions as well as Joe & Katelyn, but they did their best. After hanging around for a bit we made it over to the field where we took sunset pictures. If you aren’t from Kansas or have never been to Kansas, you are missing out on some beautiful sunsets. This last week proved that with sunset after sunset more beautiful than the next. Joe & Katelyn were awesome and they have a lot of great shots. Here are some more previews from their session. Enjoy~

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