Kaylee & Zach

August 29, 2014 | Kansas City, MO

Last weekend I caught up with Kaylee and Zach in the West bottoms in Kansas City. I love this place. I am sure the area gets its good share of photographers (we saw 2 other photographers while we were there) because of the awesome urban texture feel. This couple is about to celebrate their 1st anniversary together. Now I give credit to Zach. He knows how to kick on the charm and give great big smiles. Which sometimes I really have to dig deep with the gentlemen to get them to even crack a small grin. Kaylee and Zach were so fun to photograph, especially when we went to the Kauffman Memorial Gardens. They were constantly laughing at each other and making great moments from the day. Here are just a few previews from their day! Enjoy~

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