{Mitch + Amanda}

March 3, 2015 | Wichita, KS

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This time of season is often cold and snowy with lots of layers/mittens. Getting a day that has sunshine plus not a lot of snow on the ground is my type of winter day. Luckily when I met up with Mitch & Amanda at the Botanica in Wichita, KS the sun was out and most of the snow was melted away. Whenever I meet new couples it is very important to me to get to know them more than just their smiles. I like to see how the couple works together and how they can pull out the best in each other. With Mitch & Amanda it was pretty easy right from the get go. With Mitch working/going through school, and Amanda currently the 2014 Miss Kansas I asked what they liked to do in their free time. They both said right away, they love being together and going to church. I don’t often talk about my own religious beliefs or mention how church/God have impacted my life. But when I see couples that have God as the foundation in their lives it makes me smile, and makes me want to hang around them more. With tons of smiles, giggles, and both showing off their cuteness we traveled from the Botanica, to Old Town, to Keeper of the Plains, and ended the session at a local Starbucks to warm up. Yes, even though it was a sunny day, half way through the wind picked up and the temp dropped. You have to love Kansas! Later this week I will be sharing their engagement video so be on the look out for that!

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