{Mr. & Mrs. Cox} | May 12, 2016 | Oskaloosa, KS - Whitney Cathleen Photography
Images from Mr. & Mrs. Cox's Wedding in Oskaloosa, KS

{Mr. & Mrs. Cox}

May 12, 2016 | Oskaloosa, KS

The morning drive to Mr. & Mrs. Cox's Wedding was really enjoyable. Checking the weather every day the week before had me worried that it would rain most of their Wedding day, so seeing the sun shine through the big puffy clouds was amazing. All the ladies were upstairs beginning to get ready with some fancy drinks in hand when I began to really take note of the atmosphere. From upstairs to downstairs I could tell that Amber and Jacob both put a lot of creative mojo into this wedding. The decorations were so beautiful and creative that I walked by them several times through out the day just to find more that I didn't see before.

Let's see there were 105 invitations sent, 6 dresses tried on, 1257 hours on Pinterest, 347 calls to mom, and 441 days of planning! The only guest not invited was Finley their pup. They had the best cupcakes that included pink champagne, lemon raspberry, and chocolate guinness...which I ended up trying all of them :) And of course the best sign I saw was at the Bar that said "Because no great story started with a Salad"! 

I have known Jacob pretty much my whole life. It helps when our parents have farms right next to each other, and my Dad and his Dad were really great friends. So growing up I always saw the Cox family in 4-H, Church, and helping around the farm. We all change &  grow up, but I truly feel blessed to be able to get to know him & Amber as a couple. They are amazing people! 

Here are some of my favorites from their day. Enjoy~ 

Venue: Chrisman Manor Oskaloosa, KS

Dress: Hapily Ever After Topeka, KS 

Cakes: Bake N' Bit Perry, KS

DJ: Show Pro Audio Lawrence, KS

Invitations: The Bride designed them!! :) 

Flowers: Country Floral Eudora, KS 

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