Mr. & Mrs. Epperson

Lawrence, KS | April 18th, 2017

On Mr. & Mrs. Epperson's wedding day I had never dreamed I would be checking off one of photography wishes on my wish list. Weeks before their wedding the weather was suppose to be a beautiful sunny day filled with sunshine. But as their day came closer and closer we all realized that snow was going to be in the forecast for March. As I drove into Lawrence, KS that day I knew that my wish was about to come true....a snowy wedding!!!!! Yes, everybody was worried about their dresses, the cold, and how the pictures would turn out, but this was the most perfect snow. Big snow flakes were falling gracefully down, and it made the scene a fairytale. Yes it was cold out, and all of the girls were a little frostbitten by the end of pictures, but honestly these are some of my favorite images. It really made their day magical in everyday possible. Thanks again Epperson bridal party, for pushing through the cold! Here are a few of my favorites. Enjoy~

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