{Mr. & Mrs. Jaeger}

July 22, 2015 | Hutchinson, KS

Untitled photo

The amazing thing I have realized about weddings is that each time I witness a union of love between two individuals it never gets old watching their love blossom in front of me. Yes, as a wedding photographer you would think that the cuteness overload would get to you after so many weddings. But, honestly no love story is the same, and every love story has L.O.V.E as the main theme. It was ever so true when Mitch first saw his beautiful bride Amanda. The great thing about their wedding was their cuteness overload, love explosion, an awesome attitudes about the entire day. When I go back through all of their images, you can just see it on both of their faces....L.O.V.E. From the great ceremony, to the personal touches at the reception, and the beautiful get away car, this wedding had it all. Here are some previews from their day. Enjoy~ 

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