{Mr. & Mrs. Osbourn}

October 8, 2014 | Manhattan, KS

Last weekend I had a marvelous time with Mr. & Mrs. Osbourn out in Manhattan, KS. When I arrived for the day the ladies in room 106 were bustling around getting Rachel glamoured up for the day. I always enjoy the conversation of the morning festivities and soon, after Pita Pit was ordered for lunch, the conversation soon switched to slipping on the dress. Rachel and Nick’s first reveal to each other was on top of the Discovery Center. It was gorgeous outside! After a few tears had been wiped this lovely couple made it through the day hand in hand, and not a smile out of place. One of the best things at the reception was seeing this couple battle it out for who gets cake shoved in their faces. Which ever one could get the most money in their bowl would be the lucky winner! After all of the festivities we made it out to The Top of the World with this couple for sunset! Here are some previews of their lovely day! Enjoy~

Cake- Laura Froilan maryjeanscakes.webs.com

Venue- Blue Earth Plaza, Manhattan, KS

Dress- David’s Bridal

Catering- Olive Garden

Flowers/Decor- DIY

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