Mr. & Mrs. Tisdale

April 17, 2014 | Manhattan, KS

Oh was this last Saturday was a beautiful one indeed! In Manhattan, KS the sun was shining bright, a slight strong wind, and the humidity was starting to rise. But in the early morning hours at J Salon the ladies of the bridal party only had giggles for their troubles. With being close to a popular restaurant, The Chef, the steaming coffee was being passed around as Janai began the bridal treatment. The wonderful thing about Spring are the beautiful flowers and greenery that mother nature provides. So it was only beneficial that Janai and Matthew first saw each other before the wedding in a small courtyard garden. Their time was shared with kisses, smiles, and chatter on the day ahead. It was indeed a beautiful day, and more than anything Janai and Matthew’s families made this day enjoyable. Here are some of my favorite moments from day.

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