{ Mr. & Mrs. Wilson }

August 24, 2014 | Lawrence, KS

The Wilson wedding day start like every other wedding I have photographed. I arrived at the Castle Tea Room location armed and ready with my camera gear, and realized upon entering the location that it was in fact a castle. A beautiful venue that takes you back to a different time, and place. It is hard to believe that it is located on Massachusetts St. in Lawrence, KS, but I was in aw of the beautiful fixtures, great natural light, and of course the furnishings. Danielle and her crew showed up, hair fancy in curls, and that is when the magic started to fall into place. With this great staircase I did sort of a first look, only for those around them, for they never did open their eyes to see each other. Danielle and Rodney made the day a very special one indeed from the location, to the decor and themes. We ended the day in Kansas City at one of their favorite frozen yogurt place Yogurtini down on the Plaza. I absolutely loved their day, and there are so many photographs to choose from. Here is a very small portion of previews I wanted to showcase. Enjoy~

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