New Brand

June 7, 2014 | Linwood, KS

There has been a lot of changes to my brand and the look to my site. Mainly because I get bored easy, and secondly because I never really felt settled with what my style. So the first thing I did was finally create a website that I liked. Realized that my logo was not the right aesthetic and then talked with my graphic designer. So exo-facto, A NEW LOOK!

Of course with every new look I always find it hilarious going back to where I started. My first logo I created was my senior year in high school. I knew nothing about design and so it kind of reminds me of a cattle brand. Slowly but surely my logo has grown and changed into something I really enjoy. Clean lines, with a little modern look. Thanks to my lovely designer! She also does the designs for my brides for their save the dates/invitations and she always blows my mind when I get stuck on designs.

I know my strengths. I can design wedding albums like nobody’s business, but logos, brands, and typography are not a great strength of mine. I can stare at a design for hours and know that it needs something. Then a graphic designer will walk by take the pen tool, make one line, and it look amazing.

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