The Pierce Family

October 23, 2014 | Linwood, Ks

Last Friday I went down the road to one of my neighbors/cousins house for their family portrait session! I haven’t seen the 2 kiddos….well they aren’t kiddos any more for a long long time. Noted by how tall they were and how Jayden’s eyes almost met mine. We adventured in their back wooded trail area and found some amazing areas. Of course Fall is here in full season now, and the colors are just amazing. It is my favorite time of year. Mostly because of the weather, but also it has the most beautiful colors than any other season. The area of Linwood we live in, was actually once called Fall Leaf (until it was taken off the map……no harsh feelings there). It’s these areas that I grew with, and every year their beauty still amaze me.

I had a great time with this family, especially making them laugh. I didn’t always succeed, but we got some amazing shots! Thanks Jeff, Julie, Jayden, and Jayla for a great evening! Here are just a few previews from their session! Enjoy~

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