The Sapaugh Family

June 13, 2014 | Junction City, KS

I have a list, perhaps like some photographers, of things to accomplish at a photo session. My list is pretty simple to say the least. Meet new people/learn their stories, find new areas of awesomeness, and to create a moments that you can always smile about. This last Sunday I meet with the Sapaugh Family in Junction City, KS near Fort Riley.

I haven’t done any photo sessions around this area so I always ask the families for help. Which was awesome because we went down to the River Walk, and found an amazing beach. I don’t know if you would say downside or amazing phenomenon, but along this trail was thousands of moths. I am not even exaggerating, because around every corner, the moths were there and even made appearances in my photos. Besides lots of moth kisses Jackie and Jonathan have 2 amazing kids. Jonathan was deployed this past week, so a fun family session was just a perfect gathering. Here are some of my favorite shots from the session. All I can say was there was too many great moments from this family and I can’t share all of them! Enjoy~

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