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{Twirling into the night Wedding Previews}

Kansas City, MO | November 18th, 2016

Pulling up to the National Gulf Club of Kansas City I knew that Shelbie & Tim's day was going to be beautiful! Not only because they are a gorgeous couple but this venue was amazing. From the locker rooms, down to the staircase and dance floor, and finally to the great view this club has so much to offer. I would totally steal the bathroom in the woman's locker room by the way.......high class and bright!

The thing I love about Shelbie and Tim is their love! To me a smile shows more than just having a fun time or something that is funny. Both of their smiles brighten when they saw each other, both of their smiles show their love for one another, and both of their smiles makes every image I take magical. One of my favorite moments of the day was when Jax walked to his mom to take her down the aisle with his grandpa. It melted my heart :) Thank you both for putting on a grand affair! Here are some of my favorites from their day. Enjoy~

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