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FAQ about Portraits with Whitney Cathleen Photography

How do I determine how long of a session I will need?

It all depends on your entourage! I recommend families that have younger children 30-1hr session,  2 hour session for couples/ Seniors/Individuals/families that have older children, Large multi generation families/Extended Sessions/Events the 3 hour session.

How many outfits should I have?

I don't have a limit on outfits, BUT you don't want to have 10 outfits for a 1 hour session. I normally recommend 2-3 outfits to vary your session. Show off your personality, put on your true team colors, and of course your fancy side. Just remember I photograph H2T (Head to toe)......don't put on your shoes with duck tape fellas. 

The Descieux Family

How long does it take before I receive my images?

Normal time frame is 2-3 weeks after your session.

Can I bring Props/Animals to my session?

Yes in a heart beat! I love having objects that mean something to you, or even a pet! I love all pets except tarantulas...if you had one I would still photograph you!  

When is the best time for the fall colors/leaves on trees/a certain time of season?

It depends on the year, and the weather! I keep an eye out for how the seasons are going/when the best time to photograph are. I make recommendations and always watch the weather, but just remember....I am not a tree. 

Olivia 2015 Senior

How many locations can our session have?

I don't have a limit on locations, BUT we don't want to be running around from place to place. It would cut into your time if we went to a ton of places.  I have a few locations I really love, but I always take new recommendations! 

Can you get things printed on Canvas?

YES! I have a variety of options if you wanted to add pictures printed on canvas, standouts, float wraps, and more. Email whitneycathleenphotography@gmail.com for details. 

Mitch + Amanda

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