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When choosing a photographer there are many options to choose from these days. Most towns and cities have hundreds of photographers to choose from and most are highly trained professionals who each deliver wonderful images for you to cherish forever. Now how do you choose? Based on their portfolio? Prices? Reviews? At WC Photography I strive to do more than being the traditional professional photographer. Every session and wedding gives me a new excuse to learn something new, create something even better, and photograph as much love in the world as possible. From beginning to end I love having fun, and showcasing your LOVE...LOVE with your special someone, LOVE of your family, and LOVE of yourself. Contact me to learn more about the WC Photography experience.

WCP Photography

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Wedding FAQs

Do you you travel?

YES! I love traveling to new fun areas including out of state! I have been to Arizona & Nebraska and want to see more! Email me for details on traveling/destination weddings.

Can I mix/max & add things to my wedding package?

YES! You can build a wedding package based on your wants/needs. The great thing is you get to make it special for your day. Email me at for details on how you can build your own wedding package from a list of options!

What does  All-Day Coverage Mean?

On the all day coverage weddings I am there when you start getting ready in the morning (I arrive 30 mins after you start, so everybody is settled in and a little bit of hair/Make-up is done) until  all main events at the reception are complete. If you aren't doing a grand exit, I will stay 30-45 mins into the open dance. I never leave without making sure there is nothing else to  capture, and get to have fun with you guys from beginning to end. My days last between 10-13+hours. 

How long does it take to receive my images?

Normal time period is 10-12week. I would be happy to give you a few choices for your announcements/Thank you notes/Christmas Cards if you email a request. There will be plenty of previews on Facebook/Instagram/Blog for you to enjoy before you receive your images.

Can I suggest poses/photo ideas?

Yes, about a month before we will discuss photo lists/schedule to break down the day together. It is important that we work together on the schedule so there will be the most photo opportunities.

Can my friends/family order pictures?

YES! I will give you a link to your own personal gallery to order from that you can share with your family. You will have a password to enter, but anybody may order from it.

Do you pick the pictures for the Wedding Album?

No, I will be giving you a link to pick your favorite images/what you want in the book before I design each album. You will pick the favorites! I will have you choose a certain amount of pictures and I design it around what you chose.

Portrait Sessions FAQs

How do I determine how long of a session I will need?

It all depends on your entourage! I recommend families that have younger children 30-1hr session, 2 hour session for couples/ Seniors/Individuals/families that have older children, Large multi generation families/Extended Sessions/Events the 3 hour session.

How many outfits should I have?

I don't have a limit on outfits, BUT you don't want to have 10 outfits for a 1 hour session. I normally recommend 2-3 outfits to vary your session. Show off your personality, put on your true team colors, and of course your fancy side. Just remember I photograph H2T (Head to toe)......don't put on your shoes with duck tape.

How long does it take before I receive my images?

Normal time frame is 2-3 weeks after your session.

Can I bring Props/Animals to my session?

Yes in a heart beat! I love having objects that mean something to you, or even a pet! I love all pets except tarantulas...if you had one I would still photograph you!

When is the best time for the fall colors/leaves on trees/a certain time of season?

It depends on the year, and the weather! I keep an eye out for how the seasons are going/when the best time to photograph are. I make recommendations and always watch the weather, but just remember....I am not a tree and don't always get the play by play of when they are at their best.

How many locations can our session have?

I don't have a limit on locations, BUT we don't want to be running around from place to place. It would cut into your time if we went to a ton of places. I have a few locations I really love, but I always take new recommendations!

Can you get things printed on Canvas?

YES! I have a variety of options if you wanted to add pictures printed on canvas, standouts, float wraps, and more. Email for details.

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